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Searching for the travel insurance that is the best and fulfills all of your needs is just as hard as looking for the lost luggage. As is always the case with lost baggage, we all wish that it somehow miraculously turns up exactly the way we want it. Well, if you are trying to find cheap travel insurance Ireland provides, but do not want to go through the hassles for the same, we are enlisting some of the companies who can help you out with your holiday insurance.

25Plus Travel Insurance

25Plus Travel Insurance
25Plus Travel Insurance source:
A cheap travel insurance Ireland provides its citizens with, 25Plus Travel Insurance happens to be the country’s very first 100% online insurer. If you are the person who happens to be always on the run, this will surely come in handy. Irrespective of where you may be heading out to, you are guaranteed to find a cheap insurance policy which is just right for you. You can choose from Ski Insurance Single Trip and Multi Trip policies. These include hospital bills, baggage and money, trip cancellation, repatriation and an optional cover for golf business and winter sports.

Blue Insurance

Blue insurance company provides all of its clients with an award winning, cheap travel insurance Ireland offers. There are different kinds of travel insurance policies and packages which provide cover that suits the different needs, budgets, as well as, destinations. Irrespective of the insurance that you end up choosing, you are guaranteed to obtain certain benefits which include emergency medical expenses, cancellation, baggage, personal accident, personal liability, holiday abandonment, missed departure and personal documents and money. You can choose the cover type, destination, start date, individuals to cover and also winter sports cover. They also provide travel insurance for children.

Chill Insurance

Well, another cheap travel insurance Ireland companies, the name actually says it all. The insurance provided by chill insurance is specifically designed for the protection of the health, belongings, as well as, the cost of the trip. If you are a citizen of Ireland for at least the previous six months from the date of purchase, then you can buy one of the much insurance that is provided by the company. However, you cannot choose the time when the cover will commence. The trip cancellation insurance begins right after purchasing the insurance of your choice, whereas the remaining covers take effect after your journey has started. On return back to the country, these covers will get automatically terminated.


Cheap Travel Insurance Ireland
InsureandGo -source:
There are many insurance companies which do not provide coverage under all the circumstances. However, at InsureandGo you will be provided with travel insurance irrespective of what your condition might be. You may be any age, have any kind of medical condition, and apart from this the company also covers about 50 adventure activities. If the parents are purchasing the annual travel policy, then they will be adding in the travel insurance for children absolutely free of cost. There are some different travel packages like winter sports insurance, backpackers travel insurance, cruise travel insurance, etc. for you to choose from.

multi trip
Mapfre Assitance, the world’s leading Travel Insurer has underwritten for It happens to be a cheap travel insurance Ireland has for its people, and it also happens to be one of the favorite. An award winning company, all of the customers here have several low-cost options to choose from. There are basically three policies available here like Backpacker Insurance, Annual Multitrip Insurance and Single Trip Insurance. The original cover that is provided by the company protects against lost baggage, medical expenses and also cancellation. The Premier Cover and the Premier Plus Cover, cover a comprehensive list of benefits. As was the case with the previous insurance company, the customers here to get free kids insurance with the Annual Travel Policy.

great cover
Another great yet cheap travel insurance Ireland has, the company provides a comprehensive, as well as, competitive travel insurance which has been underwritten for by Mapfre Assistance. Providing you with several cost-effective options, you will definitely get what you have paid for here. You can choose annual travel insurance, or even opt for golfing travel insurance, skiing travel insurance, cruise travel insurance, golfing travel insurance or winter sports cover. The main advantages which one provides the customers here are the personal accident, personal baggage loss, medical expenses and also cancellation. You can choose from the three broad categories available here as a backpacker, single and annual.

AA Ireland

aa travel insurance
aa travel insurance
One of the leading insurance companies, this travel insurance company has been providing cheap travel insurance Ireland since 1910. You can choose from any of the three broad categories of coverages that are provided by the company like Backpackers, Single Trip, and Annual Multi Trip. If you buy insurance from here, then you stand to remain covered for stolen, delayed or lost luggage, cancellation cover, as well as, missed connection cover. All the AA members also stand to receive unlimited medical cover.

Reading The Fine Print

Irrespective of the travel insurance company you choose to buy your travel insurance from, be sure to read about all of the benefits that are being provided by them. Check all the benefits that you stand to receive, and ensure that all of your requirements are fulfilled. Also, individual companies reimburse regarding credit, while there are others who provide cash. Choose the one that you are looking for accordingly. Having the right kind of travel insurance will come in handy when you need it. You will realize that it is better to part with just a small fraction of the trip amount, instead of losing out on the entire amount.


If you happen to be a citizen of Ireland and are looking for a cheap travel insurance Ireland has made available for your citizens, then you can choose from one of the insurance companies mentioned above. While choosing travel insurance, be sure to read the fine print and ensure that all of your requirements are fulfilled in the insurance of your choice. Choosing the best one will make sure that in the case of emergencies, you will always have the help you need.

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