This Ideas Will Perfect Your Traveling the world: Read Or Miss Out

While I try to collect New Ideas For traveling the world I Read More and More But I found A lot of traditional Ideas in traveling the world So I decide to write this article with the best five places you can visit in 2017. Lets go on 
Traveling the world
Traveling the world


Guatemala is a culturally distinctive country, rich and with a great mix of Spain landscapes and native Mayan people. This diverse history and natural beauty create a destination rich in interesting sites and attractive landscapes. 

watch the beauty of Guatemala in this video by The Best Travel Video Guides channel:

There are some of the best exciting attractions in Guatemala :

a -Tikal

traveling the world alone to tikal
traveling the world alone-tikal. image source:

Tikal is the most top tourist attractions in Guatemala because of its beauty and containing ancient wonders, Tikal is situated in the rain forests of the lowlands in the North guatimalas. Tikal boast its population which arrived a quarter of a million or more. However, what remains of this ancient city is a number of beautiful Mayan ruins and what surrounds the city of large wild animals, monkeys, parrots, and deer. You will need to allocate no less than two days to explore this natural gemstone . It is abeautiful place when you decide traveling the world.

b- Lago di Atitlán

traveling the world for a year-Lake Atitlan
traveling the world for a year-Lake Atitlan image
Lake Atitlan is described as the best beautiful lakes around the world, situated in the Highlands of Guatemala, is the amazing lake of natural splendor, in the city of Panajachel , It is also the gate of Mayan and other ancient peoples. It’s a beautiful area with many attractions and opportunities for exploration, scuba diving and teaching Spanish .

c -Arch of Santa Catalina

travels the world-Arch of Santa Catalina
travels the world-Arch of Santa Catalina
Antigua was Guatemala’s capital city, until in 1773 the huge earthquake annihilated it . In 1776, the abandonment of the capital city is ordered. Antigua was famous for the old Spanish architecture through the palaces , cathedrals and universities, Antigua is a charming gem in Guatemala.
Santa Catalina arch is situated in this city in a tourist attraction especially popular with parades, floats and carpets of flowers .


The Residence Club of Argentina - Buenos Aires
The Residence Club of Argentina - source:
Argentina is characterized by an abundance of exotic wildlife , towns and cities filled with culture and vibrant life , so Argentina is a popular travel destination during traveling the world . It is situated in the southern region of South America. Argentina contains a small number of population with indigenous tribes in Spain that it colonized in the 16th and 17th century. Today, this country is the Autonomous Republic which includes diverse landscapes of rich plains to dense jungle, towering mountains , pastoral Plains and impressive glaciers. 

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It is an overview of the best places to visit in Argentina :

a-Iguazu falls

Travelours-iguazu falls
Travelours-iguazu falls
Iguazu falls is one of the wonders of nature in the planet. It is a series of magnificent waterfalls on the Iguazu river, on both sides of the border between Brazil and Argentina. They also offer some of the best hostels , upscale hotels and resorts in Argentina

b -National glacier Park:

Travelours-National glacier Park
Travelours-National glacier Park
Traveling the world is a great chance to see fantastic places like this. Los Glaciares or National glacier Park is home to amazing natural wonders in the planet. It is situated in the Santa Cruz province of Patagonia region of the National Park, featuring the largest ice cap outside Greenland and Antarctica ,while the glaciers situated in the southern part of the Park, with the northern section containing towering mountains such as Fitz Roy Mount, and it offers hiking and mountaineering .


Vietnam nature
Vietnam nature
Most travelers are attracted to Vietnam during traveling the world for the magnificent natural beauty of the country, Vietnam is perfect for Romantic vacations for it’s charming nature, Before you travel Vietnam you should know the following 5 things from Ehren's World:

lets see the best places in Vietnam :

a- SA BA terr-aces

SA-PA Vietnam
SA-PA Vietnam 
SA-PA is a town in North-West Vietnam. you can find rice terraces in the Muwonge Hwa Valley between the town of SA BA and Fansipan mountain, against the backdrop connected with solid bamboo sheets forests.

b -Phu Quoc

Beach Scene, Tropics, Pacific ocean
Beach Scene, Tropics, Pacific ocean
It is located off the seacoast of Cambodia. it is Phuket that was overrun by simply progress. Phu Quoc functions spotless exotic jungles, barrier reefs addition to large damaged seashores. One of Phu Quoc seashores, called Bay Dai , ABC news selected it from 5 clean and fine beaches .

4- India

if you need to know best ways to travel the world you need to watch this travel guide video by The American Tourist :

you can found popular tourist places in India. If you want to enjoy a special vacation with your family on traveling the world and have not yet decided the destination of tourism that you want to visit, we’ll show you some of the best tourism destinations in India for its very beautiful and amazing places that are worth visiting:

a- Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a town located in Mahabharat range ,near the Himalaya in West Bengal in India. It is a great and natural destination . Darjeeling is famous also as the Queen of hills.

b- Kashmir

Kashmir is the North-Western region of the Indian subcontinent. It is different for popular views as Srinagar, gulmarg, Sonmarg , Survivors Lake, Barry and other places to spend your holiday with your family .

c- Shimla

shimla-traving the world
Shimla, capital of Himachal Pradesh, is situated in northern India. Shimla is one (of the best) summer interfaces in India. Kali Bari Temple is the famous Temple in the heart of Shimla. The best time to visit Shimla from March to June .It is an ideal place when you are traveling the world .


you can see world travel tips every where but you can see the best in this video about Morocoo by Expoza Travel :

Arabic Morocco enjoys many advantages that make it one of the attractions for tourists as there are long beaches, fortified fishing ports , lush oases , large Atlas mountains , Moroccan coasts and the charming countryside, which offers for travelers many benefits and the possibility to enjoy the holidays as they enjoy the magnificent Islamic architecture which is the most beautiful tourist attractions in Morocco Arabic:

a–The city of Meknes

morocco meknes imperial city gateway
morocco meknes imperial city gateway mage
It is one of the four imperial cities of Morocco and is closely linked to the name and fame of Sultan Moulay Ismail .It was turned into a great city, in a Spanish Morocco style , and it is surrounded by high walls with large doors and there are a lot of historical monuments and natural sites .It is also nearer to the city of Roman monuments at Volubilis .

b -The city of Volubilis

In ancient times , it was an important Roman city, located near the western border of Roman conquests , and the administrative center of the province was Mauritania tingitana .the city enjoys the presence of fertile land that produced many goods such as grain and olive oil, which were exported to Rome, and the Romans were evacuated from Morocco, but people continued to live in Volubilis for centuries afterwards .

c -Essaouira port

Essaouira port
Essaouira port
It is a fishing port which is a natural reserve in the Gulf .It was formerly known by the Portuguese in the 16th century by the name of Mogador, the city of Essaouira was built during the 18th century to increase trade with European countries, and presently it is known for sailing and windsurfing, umbrellas are also available to provide protection against wind and sand, and the city is also a home to many arts , crafts , small businesses in particular Cabinet and making wood and sculpture.It is a good place for traveling the world.

We have identified the best tourist places which you can travel in the planet.

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