Romantic Vacations In USA Within Your Budget

The moment you hear the term, ‘romantic beach getaways’, you would immediately think of your bank balance. It is true that you want to impress her with a romantic timeout. But, do you want to do it without hurting your credit score? There are a lot of extraordinary places that your special one deserves to enjoy. Here is the list of beach in USA for Romantic vacations within your budget.


Romantic Vacations In USA
Romantic Vacations In USA

This is located in Puerto Rico. It is a place filled with calm shores bordered with sparking blue water. There are a lot of calm spots for a beach picnic and ferry trips at night would rekindle all the romantic feeling that you have in you.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg
This is the place to enjoy sandy beaches, array of palm trees and wonderful scenery within your budget. There are a lot of islands around Florida and you can have mesmerizing nighttime with your love. Beach picnics and stroll amidst the palm trees would be the magic in your marriage.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Enjoy the white crystalline beaches and the bluish green waters. This is the place opted for those who want to have a tropical honeymoon. There are a lot of romantic resorts which are economical. The coconut trees and the beach would provide you a quixotic place to spend some private time.

Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands
This is the place to enjoy a Caribbean paradise within your budget. There are spectacular beaches where you can spend a night with your love in a tent. Starting from the beachfront exotic dinner to hammock time with your love, amidst the palm tree cluster; you can have a romantic time with your love without shattering your budget.


key west Florida
key west Florida
Do not become petrified seeing Florida in this list. There are a lot of ways to spend a budget beach vacation in Florida. You can enjoy snorkeling, camping near the ocean, romantic walks in the beach and dreamy picnics near the heavenly waters. Get a kayak or a canoe and speed away from the beach to have some time amidst nowhere. When it comes to romantic beach getaways for couple, Florida is a must place.


Unless you are planning to spend your time in Radisson hotel, you can have a vacation within your budget in Bahamas. Exotic beach time, romantic private timeout with water activities, walk amidst coconut trees and a lot more activities would provide you the best beach vacation you are looking for.


What is more romantic than a pink sand filled beach, incredible places that would kindle the romance and most importantly, the exhilarating water? Come to Bermuda and make her feel more loved.

These are the top locations for romantic weekend getaways in USA for beach lovers. There are a lot more places where you can find an exotic and once-in-a-lifetime experience on the sands covering a carpet of bluish green waters. Are you looking for spending time with your special one? Choose any one location from the above list and you would not be disappointed.

Best places for Romantic vacations in the United States

write down moments of happiness in your memory forever. Don’t let your times with your couple pass without spending it as it should. In Travelours, we have to get you the best places to spend a romantic vacations in USA and later we will post for you the best Romantic places in the world. In this article, we are taking about the most attractive places, islands, activities you can do in these islands and also the most beautiful tourist resorts which offer a charming romantic vacation atmosphere.

Romantic vacations in USA

Romantic vacations
Romantic vacations info graph

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  1-Romantic getaways in Maui Island:

Couples vacation spots in Maui

Romantic getaways in Maui Island
getaways in Maui Island

It is one of the islands of Hawaii, characterized by diversity of geography and contains many diverse outdoor activities from walking, biking, windsurfing and scuba diving .in Maui‘s charming atmosphere, you feel as if you live in a paradise on Earth. its perfect atmosphere for very nice romantic vacation .

The island of Maui is featured by tourist attractive interfaces with traffic in 2011 up to 2.5 million tourist. It is famous for its charming beauty and climate, its beaches, fun and great falls.

Team of Travelours advise you to visit the following places on Maui: Kaanapali Beach, the historic path in lahaina maui, Haleakala Park, National Park and the Valley of lao.


tropical romantic vacations in Kauai
tropical romantic vacations in Kauai

Enjoy charming romantic vacations for two in the island of Kauai in Hawaii as it is called the island of Garden for the abundance of flowers and plants in it.

Kauai island is very quiet overlooked by majestic volcanic mountain surrounded by three magnificent waterfalls and some of the tropical forests. Kauai island has a tropical climate and geographical diversity among the sandy beaches ,the desert plateaus, rivers, mountains and fertile valleys. Temperatures between 5-15, 5-25 ° c to 26 ° c in January and 29 ° c in July.

Places you can visit in Kauai:Fantastic tropical garden of Lawai and Allerton garden, which includes a variety of beautiful flowers and trees.

tropical garden of Lawai

tropical garden of Lawai
tropical garden of Lawai image source :
Waialeale volcano, you can fly over the crater of this wonderful volcano . Don’t miss this magnificent view.

Waialeale volcano
Waialeale volcano source :
Waialeale volcano source :
Alakai wilderness preserve, is a wildlife sanctuary with fascinating plants and animals.

The are too many beaches including Waimea canyon located along the napali where dazzling turquoise waters and multiple activities.

3- U.S. Virgin Islands

Romantic vacations in virgin-island
Romantic vacations in virgin-island
watch this fantastic 10 Minute Tour by USVI Tourism in United States Virgin Islands :

United States Virgin Islands Is an isolated area of the United States but subordinate administratively it is a group of islands located in the Caribbean Islands, consist of four Islands: Saint Thomas, Wesint John , Wesint Croix and Water island.

U.s. Virgin Islands have blue waters, picturesque nature, mild air throughout the year, that place is like a dream!!! And the best place for summer romantic vacations, costs are very suitable, and tourism facilities are available for tourists. It is a place that combines reality and dream, and a good place to have fun, accompanied by your family or friends.

In U.s. Virgin Islands, you will see views one never watch them .Spend the happiest romantic trips in a charming romantic atmosphere.

4- Key West: 

romantic vacations in Key West
romantic vacations in Key West
Key West One of the finest Islands in Florida , located in Monroe County, Florida, the average tourist visits about million tourist annually

you can visit: Key West Art Museum ,House by hurricanes and many charming romantic beaches with clean pure water that give you a charming moments with your partner


Romantic anniversary getaways in Savannah in the southern United States
Romantic anniversary getaways in Savannah in the southern United States source of image :
 The city of Savannah in the southern United States in the State of Georgia are among the highlights of the city. The Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences is one of the leading institutions in the field of artistic monuments show in the Southeastern States.

Savannah features 24 small public parks decorated with beautiful carvings and water fountains and are planted with perennial trees which marked the beauty of the city.

Savannah has climate subtropical hot and humid its summer and cute with average temperature its winter .During the summer is about 30 degrees Celsius and during winter is around 15 degrees Celsius.

Don’t miss important activities in Savannah:
♦ The amazing vineyards in the Plains «Savannah», where the landscape is more fascinating.
♦ If you love sport «golf», Savannah ‘s playgrounds are wide and equipped , waiting for you.
♦ Try to exploit the beauty of «Savannah» on board «the blue tramway» for 90 minutes, then just go on a tour on board of a ship or a vessel along the Savannah River And enjoy the amazing views of the city while taking your snacks and relaxing! It should be noted that there are some excursions that offer the possibility of stopping at some monumental stations in the city.

After a day long tour in the city and in its streets and tiled roads , we recommend you to have dinner at one of the restaurants on the” River Street.”

6- Napa Valley:

Romantic vacations in Napa Valley
Romantic vacations in Napa Valley source:
Napa Valley is located near San Francisco and Napa Valley is characterized by green vineyards, which makes you feel as if you do on a piece of paradise .

And it is also available in the Napa Valley the most prestigious and luxurious American hotels ,resorts and international restaurants and you can go on a trip by balloon or horse riding and enjoy one of the most beautiful places of the California tourism

7-Victoria city:

Romantic getaways in Victoria
Romantic getaways in Victoria source :
in Canada Victoria is the capital of the province of British Columbia, located at the southern tip of Vancouver Island, located in the South western corner of Canada. It is a small city characterized by varied weather year-round, cool winter and low temperatures summer, in spring ,its beauty is striking ,and in the fall when the foliage loss and change its colors, it seems as a legendary city.

The temperature in the city in the dead of winter is the warmest compared to the rest of Canada, so it is green year-round, the city features with roses of different colors and shapes, when you see it the first time you think that flowers are falling from the sky as precipitation of rain beads. So it is no wonder that the folks at Canada call Vancouver as the City of gardens and roses.

Lovers of walking on feet will find in this city their interest, there are many beautiful and appropriate places and this also applies to the lovers of wandering with bicycles .

8- Santa Barbara:

romantic weekend vacations in Santa Barbara
Romantic weekend vacations in Santa Barbara source:
Santa Barbara, California featuring the beauty and diversity of its touristic places. In it, Santa Barbara that is considered the Museum of nature where in this city feel the ambition for greatness. Windsurfing and climbing are prominent activities there ,also cycling and hiking in the mountains of San Rafael . From the best foods that can be eaten in Santa Barbara are alaovokado fresh , strawberries and also local seafood sold at local farmers ‘ markets, and of course you should not miss the best fast food restaurants for kids “La Super Rica takoria “Super-Rica” and” muy auténtico “Mexican ” restaurant, which offers the best kinds of beans , Bacon and cheese dishes you’ll find the most delicious since early days.


Romantic vacations in Aspen
Romantic vacations in Aspen source:
The city of Aspen, Colorado: where nature singing, varied between Rocky Mountains, Lake maroon,a great gangway after thawing and early spring series between the Rocky Mountains and Lake maroon, and enjoy watching the cattle and goats on the hillsides .

10-San Francisco:

best romantic vacations in san francisco
best Romantic vacations in san francisco
The city of San Francisco occupies the upper part of the San Francisco peninsula, extends geographically to the head of the San Francisco peninsula, and can be considered a subsidiary peninsula of the San Francisco peninsula. And San Francisco peninsula consists of the city of San Francisco in the North, and some other cities and provinces located in the Central and southern, such as: San Mateo County and the city of Brisbane, and Dili, and others. Kalifronia is famous for many highlights, including: the Golden Gate Bridge , is a suspension bridge,its construction began in 1933 and was completed in 1937, where it took four years, created and crosses the bridge over the Golden Gate Strait, so this name was renamed to Strait, the bridge is between the city of San Francisco and the city of Sausalito and the Golden Gate Bridge is the first suspension bridge built in the world, and is from the Greatest engineering achievements that have been made in the last century. And other famous landmarks in the city of San Francisco: skyscraper (Transamerica Pyramid), the skyscraper was the tallest skyscraper in the city of San Francisco, with height: 260 m.


Romantic vacations in Sedona
Romantic vacations in Sedona
Sedona Is a city located on the county line between Coconino and Yavapai districts ,in the northern region Green for the Valley of American Arizona . Sedona is famous for its red sandstone, as of 2010 census, the population was 10, 130.

Sedona is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Arizona because they offer much to see and do. Interspersed with natural attractions such as Cathedral rock, Thunder Mountain and coffee, also offers many man-made attractions ranging from wineries to spiritual retreats, museums, art galleries and theaters, world-class performance, with magnificent scenery and State Parks.

Sedona offers many leisure activities like hiking and mountain biking, fishing, camping, horseback riding and bird watching as well as golf and tennis, and fantastic landscapes


getaways for couples in Monterrey
getaways for couples in Monterrey
Monterrey is the best romantic vacations because of the picturesque beaches not crowded and delicious seafood restaurants and luxury hotels. Located in the West of the city of Monterrey, California, is a town in Monterrey County, California, and was given the title of city on 14 June 1890, Monterrey is the only port of entry for taxable goods in California. The city of Monterrey in California had the first theater and public buildings, a public library and school financed by the public sector ,the press and printing and newspapers. The city and the surrounding area has attracted the artists since the late 19th century and many celebrated artists and writers lived there.

13-Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii:

couples vacations in Honolulu
couples vacations in Honolulu
Honolulu is the capital and most populous city in the United States ,State of Hawaii. It is the provincial headquarters in the city to Honolulu County. Hawaii is Honolulu’s main tourist facade, situated on the island of Oahu, Hawaii’s main gate and the main gateway into the United States. The city is also one of the main centers of international business, military defense, as well as known to host a variety of East and West and Pacific culture, cuisine, and traditions .

Highlights in Honolulu:
Kapahulu , Oahu : Kapahulu is a small neighborhood adjacent to Waikiki, where you can find unique shops and some of the best local food in Honolulu . Leahi (H), Oahu: a monument for panoramic in Waikiki Honolulu, raising his head to the top .

Hanauma Bay nature preserve, of Oahu: this neighborhood preserves the marine life and can be considered as one of the most popular destinations for scuba diving in Oahu .

Waikiki, Oahu: he was one of the Kings of Hawaii golf courses, either Waikiki now became a vital gathering place for visitors from all over the world .

The statue of Duke Kahanamoku , Oahu: the iconic statue welcomes visitors in Waikiki with open arms .

National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Oahu: is one of the prominent national cemeteries in the country, and the national monument in the Pacific, which honors the sacrifices of the US. armed forces .

finally we hope that you know the best places to have a Romantic vacations in US soon we will talk about Romantic vacations in Texas .

If you have any Romantic vacation experience Just leave a comment and we may publish it with your name.

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